Learning for the distracted


a talking technology

We change people with
experiences in digital learning

Technology Amplifies Is Exact Empowers
Design Simplifies Is Human Enables
Brands become remarkable as they teach and learn



We live in a more complex world then the world we desire. Too much information but lacking in time to learn. Too much technology but lacking in emotional connection.
We exist to humanize and to simplify technology. We build digital products that change the world in an Other Thing (Outra Coisa).
To build this future we mix experience design with high technology. Artificial intelligence with learning methods.
The perfect lab for a multidisciplinary, dynamic and creative team. Our house in Rio is located between the Christ the Redeemer and Pedra da Gávea.


Fernando Tchê, Business Development
Expert on how mobility can make the World more human and fun. Accused of being an iconoclast, has the virtue of finding opportunities based on everyday real problems.
Marcelo Gluz, Product Design
Fond of new behaviors. Creator of beautiful, simple and consistent experiences. Expert in UX, startups and digital culture, turns wireframes in heartframes: products that emotionally connect with people.
We are lateral thinkers with
divergent mindsets and convergent purpose